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80% of influencers have less than a 5% engagement

Work wih the right influencers based on objective and relevant data

Sway Map saves time and money to marketing departments around the world

Get to know our big data analysis technology on influencers

Data that matters

We don't estimate, we measure and analyse.

The result is a honest tool with real-time, relevant data, based in the behaviour of the influencers and their communities.

Learn from the masters

Study the strategy of thousands of brands around the world, learn from their best practices and minimize risks.

Now, having a global vision of what is happening in your sector is easier than ever.

User friendly

Our platform is really intuitive, so you can get the most out of it from day one.

In addition, our support team will help you with everything you need.


A technology designed to make better decisions in your influencers marketing campaigns.

Over 2 million of international profiles (and growing!) carefully analysed and classified

Find influencers

Discover the perfect match for your brand. Search using +10 criteria, including age, location and past sponsored posts.

Compare profiles, save those that match better with your goals and track their evolution

Study your competitors

Compare the metrics of your competitors and find out which influencers they are working with. In addition, you will be able to know what content works best in their corporate profiles.

Analize campaings

Measure different insights from your own campaigns and from your competition, in just a few clicks. Generate visual reports automatically, and don't waste any more time doing manual reporting.