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Influencer marketing campaigns

Delegate your influencer campaign’s management and we will take care of every little detail for you.

You make decisions, we execute

That simple.

Receive a daily email with the campaign progress, including every single part of the negociation with influencers, so you can devote your time to other tasks.

More posts for the same budget

We negotiate a great number of posts with key figures of social networks, just like a media agency would do with magazines and TV channels.

Based on these negotiations, we obtain very competitive fees.

Detailed reports and creative advice

During and after every campaign, we want you to be fully aware about the performance. We will also give you creative advice, in order to improve the final results.

Knowledge is power!

Get to know our big data analysis technology on influencers

A technology designed to make better decisions in your influencers marketing campaigns.

Over 2 million of international profiles (and growing!) carefully analysed and classified

Influencer discovery

Discover the perfect match for your brand. Search using +10 criteria, including age, location and past sponsored posts.

Compare profiles, save those that match better with your goals and track their evolution

Data that matters

We don't estimate, we measure and analyse.

The result is a honest tool with real-time, relevant data, based in the behaviour of the influencers and their communities.

Learn from the masters

Find influencers working with other brands in your sector.

Track your competitor's activity, learn from their best practices and minimize risks.